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Mabprachan. Jomtien Palace. Royal Park. Eakmongkol 3. Royal park jomtien. Exclusive resort. Exclusive resort 2. Exclusive resort 3. Siam Country 1. Villa Alois. Bali Style. Gerhard Residence. Chockchai 5. Jomtien Palace 2. East Pattaya. Bali Style Villa. East Pattaya 2. Villa in East Pattaya. Gade Residence. Mabprachan House. Sukumvit soi 89. Bungalow Pattaya kl.. Huayai area. East Pattaya. Toongkom-Tanmun. Central Park Hillside.
Pattaya Villas specializes in the sale / rental mediation of luxury villas in and around
Pattaya. Our objects are our carefully inspected in comfort and
meet that we set high standards.

With our local expertise of more than 20 years we also have effective combinations of
business objects that you can rely on legally sound advice.
We provide the entire process                                              
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Lake Mabprachan 

Exclusive Villa right on lake Mabprachan
1 Rai of land (1600 m2) and
600 square meter Livingspace 
This villa was awarded with the title 
House of the Year 2005. 
Reduced to 750.000 USD Jomtien Palace 

A beautiful Villa near the Jomtien Beach.
Luxury villa with pool and Jacuzzi in a
24 hour guarded Villa Park.
Reduced from 12.9 to 9.9 million ThB. Royal Park Jomtien 

Semi-detached Villa in a 24 
-hour guarded villa park with large 
pool at the back .
Rented out Khao Talo 

Detached bungalow 
in Pattaya

ThB  1,8 million
Eakmongkol 3 Jomtien Palace Eakmongkol 3 Mabprachan Exclusive private resort 1.

Beautiful and luxuriou Villa
4 km from Tesco Lotus 
Reduced from 3,8 to 3,2 million ThB Royal Park Jomtien
Great  Corner Villa on 400 Sqm,
 Thai-Bali style furniture,private Pool,
 5 bedrooms,3 bathrooms 
Large Covered Terraces,24 hour security
Reduced  from 16.9 to 11.9 million ThB Grange Park

Large luxury Villa 4 km
from Lotus in
ThB 4.000 100.000 p.month Exclusive resort
Grange Park Grange Park Exclusive resort 2 Exclusive resort 2

Beautiful Villa in a quiet 
surrounding only 4 km
from Tesco Lotus.
Reduced from 10 to 6,5 million ThB Siam Country 1

Beautiful Villa with second
home, pool and nice garden
3 km from center Pattaya
Reduced from 12 to 9,9 million ThB

Exclusive resort 2 Exclusive resort 3
Beautiful Villa in a quiet 
surrounding only 4 km
from Tesco Lotus
New 2/3 beds
Reduced from 5 to 3,5 million ThB SOLD Siam Country 1 SOLD Villa Alois Villa Alois
Very exclusive villa and expensive furniturs
And lamps just 500m from the Jomtien 
On 1000 m² land
Reduced to 35 million ThB Bali
Exclusive Villa in Bali style
in East Pattaya, 4 km from 
the center of Pattaya in a
luxury estate.
Reduced from 32 to 22 million ThB Bali Style Gerhard Residence

Very exclusive Villa only 400 m
From the Jomtien beach.

Reduced from 45 to 32 million ThB Bali Style Chokchai 5

A nice corner house just only 3 km 
from center of pattaya

Reduced to 2.8 million ThB Gerhard Residence Gerhard Residence Chockchai 5 SOLD
50 %
50 %
Exclusive resort SOLD Jomtien Palace 2

A nice corner house,dead end of the street
 Near Jomtien Beach

Reduced to 4.9 million ThB Jomtien Palace 2 East pattaya

Great villa in Luxury village 
3 km from Tesco lotus a Pattaya centre

Reduced to 12.9 million ThB East Pattaya East Pattaya Exclusive resort 2 Bali Style Villa Bali Style Villa
Exclusive Villa in Bali style just 4 km 
from Tesco Lotus Land size 1609 Sqm 
with Pool,Pool bar  And Jacuzzi 
Covered Terrace,24 hour security
Reduced to 46 million ThB Bali Style Villa
50 %
Villa Alois Eest Pattaya 2
Great Villa on 800 m² of Land just 3 km 
from Tesco Lotus 
 Large Pool And separate Jacuzzi 
Covered Terrace,24 hour security
Reduced  from 16.5 to 12.5 million ThB East Pattaya 2
50 %
Villa in East Pattaya
Great Villa on 240 m² of Land just 3 km 
from Tesco Lotus,Fully furnished 
 4 bedrooms,3 bathrooms 
Covered Terrace,24 hour security
Reduced  from 6.5 to 5.7 million ThB Villa in East Pattaya SOLD                    Pattaya
Reduced  from 33 to 23 million ThB SOLD Gade Residence SOLD Mabprachan country House

Luxury Mabprachan countryside Villa

Reduced from 55 million to 39 M.ThB Sukumvit soi 89
A very beautiful house with 3 beds,2 bath
Large living room,European kitchen
And swimming pool
Reduced from 5.9 to 4.8 M.ThB Mabprachan House Mabprachan House Sukumvit soi 89
50 %
Exclusive resort 3 SOLD For rent shot or long time Rent Out Bungalow Pattaya kl. Sukumvit soi 89 Bangalow pattaya klang
A beautiful Bangalow in Pattaya klang
 with 3 beds,2 bath

Reduced from 8 to 5.5 M.ThB Huayai area
7 Rai of the Land and 7 Houses
2 of Furnitur Factories,Shophouse
Reduced from 40 to 25 M.ThB Bungalow Pattaya kl. SOLD SOLD Huayai area Huayai area
Grand Villa with great view
over Pattay

Urgent Sale
Reduced from 60 M to 39, 5M
House in East Pattaya close to
Regeht school.

Urgent Sale
Reduced from 8.9 M to 6 M
East Pattaya East Pattaya Toongkom-Tanmun soi Sukumvit 89

A beautiful house at a small quiet village
3 Bedrooms,2 Bathrooms
European kitchen,2 terraces
Full furniture
For rent only
25,000 TH B.per month.

SOLD SOLD Central Park Hillside

3 Bedroom , 3 Bathroom
Large living room,large office
European kitchen,
Maid house

For sale 10.5 Million

SOLD SOLD Toongkom-Tanmun Rent out Central Park Hillside Central Park Hillside